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Hello, my name is Tracy Lee and I'm a Brave Thinking Institute Certified Life Mastery Consultant.

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Learn a simple system to discover what your dream is AND how to build it!

Life Mastery

This one of a kind, step-by-step program will guide you into becoming a master of your life!

Working with the Law

Unlock your potential by learning how to work with The Laws of the Universe!

Into Your Genius

Discover how to activate the 6 gifts you were born with to create a life you love living!

Standing Firm

Learn how to navigate and protect yourself during the rough times in life!

VIP Program

Embark on a 12 month immersive one-on-one guided journey of life transformation!

We all have, within us, an authentic self that is full of power and potential. When we learn to find and tap into that authentic self, goals become achievements, dreams become reality, and our lives are transformed!

As a Life Mastery Consultant, I will help you, step-by-step, discover the potential within you. Let’s work together to create a new vision for your life!

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A Journey of Personal Discovery

Accessing Your Genius

Accessing Your Genius

There was a study done at Harvard called the Zero Point study that was a ten year study on genius. The genius capacity is demonstrated by certain individuals that bring forth great ideas, transformational thinking, movement, social change, innovative ideas that...

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