The Power Within You: Principles of Dream Building

The Power Within You: Principles of Dream Building

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Dream Building, Life Coaching

I’ve heard it said that some people live ninety years and others live one year ninety times. The difference is that those living ninety years to the fullest are living their dreams. The others are simply living the same year over and over again. We are all capable of living our dream lives when we open ourselves up to possibilities and opportunities.

We have been trained to look at our current conditions to determine what the opportunities and possibilities are for our lives. However, these conditions can be limiting when viewed with just the five senses. We have to look beyond our senses to begin the process of dream building.

Dream Building

Elements of Dream Building

When we live outside the standard senses and use intuition, imagination, and perception, we are able to more clearly see our heart’s desire and the dreams that will bring us the happiness we yearn for.

We all have an inner voice. But it is not one of reason or logic…it is the voice of guidance. This voice may not make sense to anyone else and it doesn’t have to. It is there to help us recognize and nurture the thoughts that build dreams of our very own.

The underlying principle of dream building is this: The power that is within each of us is greater than anything that is in our surroundings. It is greater than any circumstance of our life. It’s greater than our history.

Taking Charge of Your Thoughts

There are all sorts of limiting beliefs that we can hold that will keep us from our dreams. We are conditioned by life circumstances to hold thoughts and beliefs that thwart our efforts to change. Instead, if we can harness our thoughts in service of our dreams, a whole new path opens up for us.

Changing our thoughts to best build our dreams is a two-step process.

Shift Your Focus

First, we must release this condition-based thinking. If we focus our thoughts on what we don’t want to happen, we bring about those circumstances. For example, if you want to lose weight and concentrate on not eating pizza, then you crave pizza, and ultimately give in to it. Our society is very good at conditioning us to believe that we are missing out on something. It is also very good in telling us that we live in a world of lack. It’s our job to break that conditioning to bring about what we want.

The second part of the dream building process is to focus on what you do want to create, regardless of our conditions. Using the weight loss example, if you think about the delicious salad you are going to have for dinner then you look forward to that salad. You do not think about the pizza that would thwart your efforts. This is true even if you work in a pizza parlor!

Each of us is the author of our own thoughts. The past or present does not need to dictate the future. Allow yourself to explore the possibilities of your dreams. Fill your mind with what you would like to be and do, create and give. Use your inner power to write the future in a way that supports your dreams.

To Your Greatness!

Tracy Lee

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